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PCB top list
Top 9 PCB manufacturers in Malaysia

Top 9 PCB manufacturers in Malaysia 2023

As we all know, Malaysia’s famous industries are rubber processing and palm oil. However, one of the fastest growing industries in Malaysia in recent years is the electronics industry. Due to its cheap labor force and huge development potential, more and more enterprises choose to invest and build factories in Malaysia to develop electronic manufacturing business. At present, Malaysia has become the world’s 11th largest exporter of PCBs. In this article, we will show top 10 PCB manufacturers in Malaysia.

PCB top list

Top 11 popular PCB manufacturers in Thailand

Printed circuit boards (PCB) play an important role in Thailand’s manufacturing industry and are one of the country’s key industries. Thailand has various PCB suppliers providing PCB manufacturing services to customers around the world. It’s said that the annual export value of Thailand’s PCB achieves 7,155.14 million US dollars. In this article, we are going to introduce top 11 popular PCB manufactures in Thailand.


Demand forces HDI PCB technology to upgrade

When the electronic products turn their direction to become more thin, small and light, they also ask for the requirement of high density for PCB. HDI (High density interconnect) achieves smaller apertures, thinner line widths, fewer through-hole vias, which enable to save PCB wiring area, greatly increase component density, and improve radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge, etc.

PCB top list

PCB markings and PCB certifications you should know

Usually, we discover many different types of labels on PCB or other electronic products. For example, the FCC, CE, garbage can labels on Atmel demo board, RoHS and RU labels on NXP demo board. Knowing what those labels mean are beneficial for us to make a better decision when selecting a PCB manufacturing and its product quality. In this article, we are going to share some labels that commonly appears in PCB.

PCB/PCBA knowledge

Your guide to rigid-flex PCB – design, manufacturing and application

In general, a PCB or a printed circuit board is typically utilized in different types of electronic devices. Actually, different components such as resistors are connected on the board so that they can perform their functions. In this article, there is a comprehensive discussion about rigid-flex PCB and what it means. In this article, there is a comprehensive discussion about rigid-flex PCB and what it means.