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Electronic manufacturing industry
What is the function of transimpedance amplifier?

What is the function of transimpedance amplifier?

The Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) stands as a cornerstone in modern electronics, a quiet hero behind the scenes, enabling the transformation of minuscule current signals into meaningful and measurable voltage outputs. Its role extends across diverse domains, from optical communications to biomedical instrumentation, showcasing its versatility and indispensability.

Electronic manufacturing industry
How to use Injection molding?

How to use Injection molding?

Injection molding stands as a cornerstone in modern manufacturing, revolutionizing industries with its ability to create intricate parts and components with precision, efficiency, and versatility. The process’s evolution over decades has solidified its position as a go-to method for producing a diverse array of plastic and metal parts used in countless applications across various sectors.

PCB/PCBA knowledge
The Role of Protection PCB Board

The Role of Protection PCB Board : Safeguarding Electronics

A Protection PCB (Printed Circuit Board) refers to a circuit board specifically designed to safeguard electronic components from various electrical issues and environmental factors. These boards are engineered to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuits, and other potential hazards that could damage the circuitry or connected devices.

Electronic manufacturing industry PCB/PCBA knowledge
Transparent PCB

Transparent PCB : transparency in the world of electronics

In the realm of modern technology, innovation continues to push boundaries, often blurring the lines between functionality and aesthetics. One such innovation that has captured the imagination of engineers and designers alike is the transparent PCB (Printed Circuit Board). These see-through circuit boards represent a fusion of functionality and visual appeal, offering a peek into the inner workings of electronic devices while maintaining a high level of performance.

Electronic manufacturing industry
What is PCB reverse engineering and how to prevent

What is PCB reverse engineering and how to prevent?

PCB Reverse Engineering involves dissecting and understanding an existing printed circuit board (PCB) to uncover its design, layout, and functionality without access to original design files. By analyzing components, traces, and connections, engineers recreate schematics and layouts, aiding in troubleshooting, replicating, or upgrading legacy boards.

PCB/PCBA knowledge
10 PCB Performance Indicators – All You Need to Know

10 PCB performance indicators – all you need to know

There are some key performance indicators about PCB, including:
Physical properties: peel strength/coefficient of thermal expansion/peel strength
Chemical properties: Tg/Td/Z-CTE
Electrical properties: Dielectric constant/dielectric loss/flame retardancy
Environmental performance: water absorption/CAF resistance/CTI
10 PCB performance indicators are listed in detail below for you to test a PCB(Printed Circuit Board).


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