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What Challenges PCB Factories Face

What challenges PCB factories face

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an important part of electronic products, and PCB manufacturing is also an important foundation of modern industry. However, with the continuous updating of technology and constant changes in the market, PCB manufacturers are facing a series of challenges. This article will discuss the challenges faced by PCB factories in depth from four aspects: market competition, cost pressure, technological innovation and environmental supervision , and provide feasible solutions and development directions for them.

New PCB Technology for 5G Mobile Phones

New PCB technology for 5G mobile phones

5G mobile phones involve the technological upgrade of the entire industry chain. What is the difference between 5G mobile phones and 4G mobile phones, and which technologies will play a key role in the popularization of 5G mobile phones ? Let’s look at the three key technologies behind 5G mobile phones: motherboard, antenna and heat dissipation.

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Top 15 globally automotive rectifier diode manufacturers

Top 15 globally automotive rectifier diode manufacturers

A rectifier diode is a diode that has a rectifying effect on voltage and can convert alternating current into direct current. Rectifier diodes are commonly used in rectifier circuits and are mostly made of silicon semiconductors that can carry high current values. In this article, we will list the top 15 globally automotive rectifier diode manufacturers.

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Lead Solder Vs. Lead-free Solder- All You Need To Know

Lead solder vs Lead-free solder- All you need to know!

PCBs are one of the most important things in an electronics project. Furthermore, when talking about PCBs, there will be some components embedded in it. To embed these components such as capacitors, and resistors on a PCB, you’ll have to solder them. In this article, you’ll learn about solder, types of solder, and a quick comparison and contrast of lead vs lead-free solder.

PCB develops towards HDI - from single-layer to substrate-like PCB (SLP)

PCB develops towards HDI – from single-layer to substrate-like PCB

HDI is the abbreviation of high density interconnector, which is a circuit board with a relatively high circuit distribution density using micro-blind buried hole technology. From mobile phones to small portable products such as smart weapons, HDI technology can make the design of terminal products more miniaturized, while meeting higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency.