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Common Materials and Applications in the FPC Industry

Common materials and applications in the FPC industry

Flexible electronics is a technology that attaches inorganic/organic devices to flexible substrates to form circuits. Compared with traditional silicon electronics, flexible electronics refers to thin-film electronic devices that can be bent, folded, twisted, compressed, stretched, and even deformed into arbitrary shapes while still maintaining high-efficiency optoelectronic performance, reliability, and integration.

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TOP 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China

TOP 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China

GGII research shows that in 2022, the scale of China’s energy storage lithium battery industry chain will exceed 200 billion yuan, of which the scale of the power energy storage industry chain will increase from 48 billion yuan in 2021 to 160 billion yuan in 2022, of which PCS will increase by 248%. In this article, we have collected the top 10 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China.

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A complete guide to IGBT

A complete guide to IGBT – composite semiconductor device of BJT and MOS

Although BJT and MOS transistors are the most popular and common components, they are sometimes limited in some relatively high current applications. That’s where our IGBT comes in handy. So what is IGBT? What is the function of IGBT? What are the working principles, advantages and disadvantages of IGBT? This time let’s take a good look at what IGBT is!

Global Market Analysis of Advanced IC Substrates

Global market analysis of advanced IC substrate

Recently, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the substrate manufacturer of Samsung Electronics, plans to develop more ABF substrate applications. According to the company, it is optimistic about the automotive demand for servers this year. Samsung Electro-Mechanics pointed out that the demand for some applications such as mobile phones and personal computers is expected to decline this year, but the high-end substrate market for servers and automobiles will continue to grow.

Another trend of transistors development - 2D materials

Another trend of transistors development – 2D materials

2D materials may not be as far-fetched as we imagined, and it’s a bit of a clue—not only did Intel demonstrate at IEDM last year that it applied 2D materials to GAAFET transistors; but also BEOL of some old processes is already trying 2D materials, mainly MEMS, radio frequency, and photoelectric transceiver. After all, these devices may not have as stringent quality requirements as transistors.

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SMT stencil – definition and different types

SMT stencil – definition and different types

SMT stencils are essential tools used in the assembly of small electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Different types of SMT stencils are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate various requirements. This blog post will provide a comprehensive answer to these questions as well as explore different types of SMT stencils and how they are made.