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Best wishes in the Dragon Boat Festival

On June 19th, in order to thank all IBEers for their contribution to the IBE development, we expressed our concern and prepared some presents for them as the Chinese traditional festival – Dragon Boat Festival approaches.

IBE prepares some Dragon Boat Festival gifts for all IBEers
IBE prepares some Dragon Boat Festival gifts for all IBEers

Once we got the exclusive Dragon Boat Festival present, we distributed them to each IBEers as soon as possible. As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, IBEers are immersing in the festive atmosphere, and also deeply feel our company’s deep concern. We believe that, IBEers enable transform this encouragement into new strength, and at the same time carry the concern and best wishes from IBE leadship to work hard for better IBE future.

For our Dragon Boat Festival gifts, we have prepared Zongzi and salted duck eggs. 

Zongzi and salted duck eggs
Zongzi and salted duck eggs

The most important traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi — pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves. Besides, it’s commonly recognized that it is good to eat salted duck eggs during the Dragon Boat Festival as the burning summer is coming. The salted duck eggs are nutrient-rich and have some effect on the treatment of heatstroke.

The distribution of Dragon Boat Festival benefits not only highlights the IBE’s emphasis on excellent traditional culture, but also carries the meticulous care for all IBEers, reflecting IBE’s warm and harmonious corporate culture.

IBE has been committed to for building an atmosphere of a sense of happiness and belonging, and established a communication bridge between the company and employees through various benefits and activities.

Finally, IBE wish everyone have a happy and healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

Notice of Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching. Our company will have a holiday from June 22nd to June 24th, and resume work on June 25th. If you have any demands about our PCB and PCBA, please feel free to contact us. We will make a response ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Wish all enjoy the holiday.

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