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Best 10 global PCB fiberglass manufacturers

As the core substrate for PCB manufacturing, the three main raw materials for the production of CCL include copper foil, resin and fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass is one of the raw materials of PCB material, which is used to strengthen the part of PCB material, helping to manufacture extremely thin and durable circuit board materials. In this article, we will briefly introduce PCB fiberglass and list best 10 global PCB fiberglass manufacturers.

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Introduction of PCB fiberglass

Glass fiber cloth is made of glass balls or waste glass as raw materials, through high-temperature melting, wire drawing, winding, weaving and other processes. Its monofilament has a diameter of a few microns to more than twenty microns, equivalent to 1/20-1/5 of a human hair, and each bundle of fiber precursor is composed of hundreds or even thousands of monofilament.

Glass fiber is an essential basic material for copper-clad laminate (CCL) and printed circuit board (PCB) industry. Its properties largely determine the electrical properties, mechanical properties, dimensional stability and other important properties of CCL and PCB.

Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent performance. Its advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, but the disadvantages are brittle, poor wear resistance.

Glass fiber has many characteristics, as follows:
1. Used for low temperature -196 °C, high temperature between 300 °C, with weather resistance.
2. Non-adhesion, not easy to adhere to any substance.
3. Chemical corrosion resistance, can resist the corrosion of strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.
4. Low friction coefficient, is the best choice for oil-free self-lubrication.
5. The light transmittance reaches 6~13%.
6. It has high insulation performance, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static.
7. High strength. It has good mechanical properties.
8. Drug resistance

Best 10 global PCB fiberglass manufacturers

1. China Jushi Group

China JUSHI Logo

China JUSHI-The world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass
China JUSHI-The world’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China
Established time: 1999-04-16
Company website:https://www.jushi.com/en/

China JUSHI COMPANY-manufacture and sales of fiberglass
China JUSHI COMPANY-manufacture and sales of fiberglass

Company profile

China Jushi is a core enterprise in the fiberglass business division of China National Building Material Company Limited (HK3323; “CNBM”). The company specializes in the manufacture and sales of fiberglass.

Business and products

Fiberglass and its finished articles
More than 100 kinds of glass fiber

Application in building&construction, infrastructure, electrical&electronics, chemical Corrosion Resistance, aerospace, transportation, energy-saving and environmental protection, sports and leisure…

2. Taishan Fiberglss

Taishan Fiberglss logo

Taishan Fiberglssis-one of world's top 5 and China's top 3 fiberglass manufacturers.
Taishan Fiberglssis-one of world’s top 5 and China’s top 3 fiberglass manufacturers.

Headquarters: Taian, Shandong,China
Established time: 1999-09-17
Company website:http://www.ctgf.com/EnglishWeb/

Company profile

Taishan Fiberglass Inc.(CTG),is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SZ002080) under China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. Established in 1997 with the 1st E glass fiber furnace production line of 10,000mts/year in China, CTG has reached a manufacturing capacity of 800,000 + mts/year of diversified fiberglass products.CTG has been awarded with certificates of ISO9001, IS014001, GB/T28001.

Business and products

Fiberglass solutions to pipes & tanks
Fiberglass solutions to wind energy
Fiberglass solutions to open molding
Fiberglass solutions to pultrusion
Fiberglass solutions to continuous panel molding
Fiberglass solutions to compression molding
Fiberglass solutions to mats & fabrics
Fiberglass solutions to thermoplastics
Electronic & industrial fiberglass yarns
Electronic fiberglass fabrics

3. Sichuan Fiberglass Group

Sichuan Fiberglass logo

Sichuan Fiberglass Group company
Sichuan Fiberglass Group company

Headquarters: Deyang, Sichuan, China
Established time: 1998-09-11
Company website:https://en.scfgcl.com/

Sichuan Fiberglass Group-glass fiber and glass fiber cloth
Sichuan Fiberglass Group-glass fiber and glass fiber cloth

Company profile

Company profile
Sichuan Fiberglass Group is mainly engaged in glass fiber and glass fiber cloth, as well as optical materials, composite materials and other products with ISO9001 (2000 version). Its products are widely used in many fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, environmental protection, construction, aerospace, etc.

Business and products

Interior wall coating series
Exterior wall coating series
Inorganic coating
Waterproof coating
Environmental protection coating

4. GFT Grace Fabric Technology

GFT logo

GFT (Grace Fabric Technology)
GFT (Grace Fabric Technology)

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Established time: 1998-08-13
Company website:https://www.gracefabric.com/index.html?_l=en

Company profile

GFT is a high-tech enterprise mainly involved in R&D, production and sale of medium and high-end e-glass fabric, known as the famous medium and high-end e-glass fabric professional manufacturers in the world.

Business and products

Medium and high-end e-glass fabric series, thin fabric, super thin fabric and thin e-glass fabric.

5. PFG Fiber Glass


PFG Taiwan is a manufacturer of electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber.
PFG Taiwan is a manufacturer of electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber.

Headquarters: Taiwan, China
Established time: 1987
Company website:http://www.pfg.com.tw/j2pfg/enus/home

Company profile

PFG Taiwan is a manufacturer of electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber. Annual production capacity with three furnaces is 95,000 MT, of which 80,000 MT is electronic-grade glass yarn. The information and electronic industries are flourishing globally, and PCB, CCL and Glass Fabric Plants are continuously expanding.

Business and products

Electronic fiber glass yarn
Electronic fiber glass fine yarn
Electronic fiber glass ultra-fine yarn
Industrial fiber glass yarn(g-type)
Industrial fiber glass yarn(h-type and k-type)
Industrial fiber glass fine yarn(d-type and de-type)
Chopped strand
Multi-end roving
Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics

6. Chongqing Polycomp International Corp

Chongqing Polycomp CPIC logo

CPIC- be the most valuable fiberglass and composite material production corporation around the world-
CPIC- be the most valuable fiberglass and composite material production corporation around the world-

Headquarters: Chongqing, China
Established time: 1991-08-27
Company website: https://en.cpicfiber.com/

Company profile

Chongqing Polycomp International Corp. (CPIC) is a large state-owned enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of fiberglass products. CPIC mainly produces high-quality alkali-free fiberglass and glass fabric series products.

Business and products

Direct Roving
Multi-end Roving
Texturized Fiberglass
Chopped Strand
Woven Fabric
Multi-axial Fabrics

7. Saint-Gobain Vetrotex

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex-logo

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex company
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex company

Headquarters: Maharashtra , India
Established time: 1871
Company website: https://www.vetrotextextiles.com/

Company profile

Vetrotex is the worldwide partner in fiberglass solutions for technical textiles, including history, locations, environmental policy and other facts and figures. Vetrotex is a worldwide producer of glass fiber materials for use in many diverse applications, mainly technical textiles. Their product range includes E-glass single yarns, texturized and voluminized yarns, ZeroTwist®, textile chopped strands and C-glass staple fiber yarns.

Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets. It designs, manufactures and distributes building materials and other industrial products, providing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Business and products

Fiberglass yarns
Staple fiber
Direct Roving
Texturized and voluminized yarns
C-Glass staple fiber yarns
Textile chopped strands

8. PPG Industries

PPG Industry Logo

PPG Company-electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber
PPG Company-electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
Established time: 1883
Company website: https://www.ppg.com/en-US

Company profile

PPG Industries is global supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials and serves customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, they operate and innovate in more than 70 countries and reported net sales of $17.7 billion in 2022.

Business and products

Architectural Coatings
Automotive OEM
Automotive Refinish
Industrial Coatings
Packaging Coatings
Protective and Marine Coatings
Specialty Coatings and Materials
Traffic Solutions

9. Nippon Electric Glass


Nippon Electric Glass company- fiber glass and speciality glass manufacturer
Nippon Electric Glass company- fiber glass and speciality glass manufacturer

Headquarters: Shiga, Japan
Established time: 1949
Company website:https://www.neg.co.jp/en/

Company profile

Nippon Electric Glass is a Japanese glass manufacturer and their business includes production and sale of specialty glass products; manufacture and sale of glassmaking machinery. In addition to the production facilities in Japan that constitute its core base, NEG established plants overseas to meet global demand, including the acquisition of Electric Glass Fiber in the UK, Netherlands and US.

Business and products

Electronic Products
Glass Fiber
Consumer Glass
Thin Film Coatings

10. JPS Composite Materials

JPS Composite Materials logo

JPS Composite Materials-composite reinforcement and ballistic protection fabrics.
JPS Composite Materials-composite reinforcement and ballistic protection fabrics.

Headquarters: Anderson, SC , United States
Established time:1988
Company website: https://jpscm.com/

Company profile

JPS Composite Materials is an AS9100D certified US based weaver of composite reinforcement and ballistic protection fabrics.

JPS Composite Materials is a world-leading manufacturer of composite reinforcement and ballistic protection fabrics. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of high strength composite reinforcement fabrics, including fiberglass, Astroquartz ®, para-aramids (DuPont Kevlar ®, Teijin Twaron ®), UHMWPE (DSM Dyneema ®, Honeywell Spectra ®), and specialty materials.

Business and products

Power Generation And Insulation
Specialty Fabrics


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Fiberglass is one of the PCB substrate copper foil laminate reinforced materials. It is used to strengthen the part of PCB material, helping to manufacture extremely thin and durable circuit board materials.

1. It can be used in concrete structure, wood structure, masonry structure and bridge structure reinforcement and repair
2. The role in industry: heat insulation, fire prevention, flame retardant.
3. Used in hulls, storage tanks, cooling towers, ships
4. Commonly used as reinforcing materials, electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials in composite materials.

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