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Hi, I am Kerstin, graduating from one of a well- known university in China and I has a master's degree in physics. I have more than 5 year's experience as a professional engineer in PCB industry and expertise in PCB design, PCB assembly, PCB manufacturing, etc. I am committed to offering services and solutions about PCB/PCBA for various industries for their projects with professional knowledge. During 5 years of engineering career, I have done different circuit designing projects for different companies such as electronics, industry and medical devices, winning a lot of reputation among many customers. Selected as an outstanding employee of IBE every year. I'm always here to provide you with fast, reliable, quality services about PCB/PCBA.
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COB Packaging vs SMD Packaging – What Is the Difference

COB packaging vs SMD packaging – what is the difference

In the realm of electronics, the packaging of components plays a crucial role in determining performance, size, and application possibilities. Two prevalent packaging methods, Chip on Board (COB) and Surface Mount Device (SMD), stand out for their distinct characteristics and applications. Understanding the differences between COB packaging vs SMD packaging is essential for engineers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike. Keep reading.

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Analog Circuits vs Digital Circuits – What Are the Differences.webp

Analog Circuits vs Digital Circuits – What Are the Differences

Analog circuits and digital circuits are two fundamental types of electronic circuits that serve different purposes in the world of electronics. Analog circuits are designed to process continuous signals, which means they can handle a wide range of values within a specific range. On the other hand, digital circuits are designed to process discrete signals, which means they can only work with specific values, typically represented by binary digits (0s and 1s).

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Top 7 Global RF Microwave MLCC Manufacturers

Top 7 Global RF Microwave MLCC Manufacturers

Welcome to the exciting world of RF Microwave MLCC Manufacturers! Get ready to dive into the top 7 global RF microwave MLCC manufacturers who are revolutionizing the industry with their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. From delivering superior performance to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, these manufacturers are leading the way in shaping the future of RF Microwave MLCCs.