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Surface Mount Technology or SMT - What makes it stand out

Surface Mount Technology or SMT – What makes it stand out

Printed circuit boards are used in almost all modern electrical devices. Electronic components installed on a printed circuit board make up their crucial element. Surface mounting and via installation are two methods for attaching components to a printed circuit board. In this piece, we define Surface mount technology as a process that is, in most situations, fully automated.

Since the 1970s, advancements in surface mount technology have accelerated. As a result, it has become a crucial component of the global electronics market. Surface mounting will eventually replace coated mounting as we shrink electronics and their constituent parts. In addition, Surface mount technology ensures that printed circuit boards may accommodate many components without compromising performance.

PCB top list

2023 TOP 10 PCB materials manufacturers in China

With the development of social economy, the competition in PCBA field is gradually become fierce. They are no longer “fighting alone”, but have risen to competition among industrial chains. In PCB production, PCB special materials play an indispensable role.

PCB materials selection is critical as it affects electrical performance, product reliability, and cost. The materials used in constructing PCBs affect the signal loss and operating frequency by introducing parasitic elements such as capacitance, inductance and resistance that accumulate between two points on a circuit board.

In this article, we can get to know the top 10 PCB materials manufacturers in China in 2023.


Mini LED direct display technology ushers a fast development

In recent years, Mini LED has ushered in the large-scale development of commercialization. At present, Mini LED has achieved certain results in the four major fields of TV, automobile, terminal display and VR. Statistics show that in 2021, the global Mini LED backlight TV shipment scale will be 1.8 million units, and it is expected to reach 9 million units in 2025, with a market penetration rate of 4%. It can be found not only in the high-end TV market, but also in the low-end TV market. Thanks to the active deployment of industrial chain manufacturers such as DSBJ, Nationstar and other manufacturers, the Mini LED backlight has gradually entered the market, giving LCD displays a second soaring development. However, the focus of this article is not the Mini LED backlight technology, but another main track for the development of Mini LED – Mini LED direct display technology.

IBE annual meeting 2023

Joint efforts for innovation, join forces for brighter IBE future – IBE annual meeting in 2023

With the new year bell ringing, it’s time to say goodbye to 2022 and say hello to 2023. The rabbit year of 2023 gives birth to new goals and new hopes. On 12th, January, 2023, IBE family joints together to hold annual meeting with the theme of “ Joint efforts for innovation, join forces for brighter IBE future – we are all dream-chasers”. Best wishes for everyone in the coming year.

PCB top list

Top 10 global silicon wafer manufacturing companies in 2023

In recent years, driven by the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, the global silicon wafer manufacturing materials market has grown significantly. The data shows that the global silicon wafer manufacturing materials market size has increased to 37.343 billion USD in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%. It is expected to reach US$42.754 billion in 2023. In this article, we collect top 10 global silicon wafer manufacturing companies in 2023.