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2023 productronica China: looking at manufacturing industry from new energy automobile
As an important exhibition and communication platform for the electronic manufacturing industry, the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition (productronica China) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 13-15. Nearly 800 innovative companies from the electronics manufacturing industry will participate it the exhibition. The scale of the exhibition will reach 73,000 square meters, bringing together many global cutting-edge technologies and products in the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation.
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With the vigorous development of the new energy automobile industry, it has brought more opportunities for industries such as industrial control, wire harness processing, PCB and printed electronic assembly and other industries.
2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition layout
2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition layout
This exhibition has planned and launched a series of new energy and automotive technology theme plates, which focus on electronic applications of new energy automotive, including automotive assembly system integration, new energy engineering, automotive PCB, automotive testing and measurement, charging and swapping and supporting facilities (charging piles, chargers), battery laser cutting, welding and connection engineering, testing, automotive PLC industrial control systems, etc., provide various innovative solutions for the field of new energy vehicles.

Automotive manufacturing + intelligence

The power system of a new energy automotive is generally a built-in battery component, and its core is an electric drive system composed of a drive motor, an adjustment device and a power source, which puts forward new requirements for the level of industrial automation level, such as technological innovation and function extension of industrial robots.

According to relevant reports, in June 2022, BMW Brilliant production base large-scale upgrade project – the Lydia opened, equipped with more than 800 FANUC (N1 hall 1100) robots, and each robot and welding torch are connected to the object . On the loT platform, data collection and analysis can be carried out, and welding, screwing and gluing can be completed at the same time, realizing more accurate and efficient welding and preventive maintenance. It is a good example of the production strategy of BMW iFACTORY and sets a new benchmark for automobile production from the three aspects of “lean, green and digital”.

2023 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition field will also more comprehensively gather including JAKA, AUBO, Elite, ROKAE,PT and other outstanding robot and industrial automation enterprises, facing the growing customization and personalized needs of new energy vehicle manufacturing, looking forward to the future of man-machine collaboration.

New energy automotive boost the upgrading of wire harness processing

The electrical system of new energy vehicles is complex and requires more wires and cable harnesses to transmit electrical energy. For example, in battery management systems, more wiring harness components are needed to connect a large number of sensors to monitor battery power, voltage, temperature and other parameters. At the same time, the new energy vehicle market puts forward higher requirements for wire speed, such as good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and lightweight and structural design, etc., all of which require the support of wiring harness assembly technology.

At the upcoming Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition, EsunQ, JAM, TE Connectivity, SHIMAYWA, SCHUNK, HIPRECISE, AIRSTORM, HACINT, TRUE SOLTEC, E-PLUS, EVT, ZOKO, LAZPIUR, CYNTHIA, SBT, Telsonic, DSG-CANUSA, RaySun and other wire harness production industry giants will be gathered during the show to launch new research and development of automatic wire processing equipment and automated production technology, which will help many customers, including the new energy vehicle industry, realize digital, intelligent production and flexible processing, and win for enterprises while improving production efficiency.

New energy automotive push up SMT line processing quality control

Mycronic Micone (N4 Hall 4302) MYPro series full software driven SMT production line ( from Mycronic website)
Mycronic Micone (N4 Hall 4302) MYPro series full software driven SMT production line ( from Mycronic website)

New energy automotive electrification, networking, intelligent process is accelerating, the demand for motor controller, BMS system, automatic driving system, millimeter-wave radar and other products is increasingly, including the main control chip, analog chip, and power semiconductor (such as MOSFET, IGBT, SiC module, transistor and diode) are in greater demand. All these directly promote the development of PCBA industry with chip, and SMT (surface mount technology) has played a very important role.

SMT is mainly used to produce various electronic components in the electronic control system of new energy vehicles. Higher quality requirements require SMT equipment to achieve efficient, accurate and reliable mounting processes. At the same time, as the new energy automobile industry involves various types and specifications of electronic products, it is necessary for SMT equipment to adapt to the production environment of different batches and changing demands. Therefore, improving the level of automation, intelligence and flexibility of SMT equipment is an important direction of innovation

The 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition will bring together FUJI, YAMAHA, Europlacer, Panasonic, Yishi Trading, MYCRONIC, KURTZ, Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH, FACC, este, FAROAD,  Intop Expo, QUICK, axxon, NittoTire, ACE, DECISION, JBC, MacDermid Alpha, Indium and other SMT line processing equipment enterprises, They will showcase their innovative technologies and products in SMT applications of new energy vehicle electronics.

Some participant enterprises
Some participant enterprises


At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see various innovative equipment and manufacturing technologies, such as SMT, wire harness processing and connector manufacturing, component manufacturing, electronic manufacturing automation, industrial robots, etc. These exhibits will arouse high attention and heated discussions in the industry, and provide more possibilities and opportunities for the development of the printing plate manufacturing industry.

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